Quality and environment

AS Favor is a company with a high entrepreneurial culture.

AS Favor is a progressive and modern company that is appreciated by its customers, partners and employees.
Our competitive advantages include rapid responses to market signals and operating/producing more effectively than our competitors.

  • Our CUSTOMERS value time, and are ready to pay for correct and high-quality services
  • Our PARTNERS know what they want and say so, and are not content with mediocrity
  • Our EMPLOYEES are oriented towards learning, development and achievements, and ready to put in effort for it.

Our fundamental values are: professionalism, progressiveness, and flexibility.



The products sold under the Profiline trademark have been tested according to the European Union standards EN 14195:2014 and EN 13964:2014, and they all have CE marking.



“20 KEYS”

Favor implements the Japanese 20 Keys methodology for increasing productivity and reducing waste. The 20 Keys methodology used in the product sector was developed by a Japanese professor Iwao Kobayashi, and the 20 Keys system has been successfully deployed in more than 20 countries all over the world.

20 Keys means:

  • using many visual tools, including check lists to compare the organisation to the best ones in the world and to also draw comparisons between different entities,
  • recognising and respecting what the organisation has achieved so far,
  • helping to set challenging goals by giving an idea within the company of what is achievable,
  • developing all the employees’ skills that are necessary for participating in the improvement process,
  • offering the company a unified approach to solving problems relevant to productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness in all areas of business,
  • compatibility with other existing approaches,
  • measurable results and efficient transfer of knowledge within the whole company.
Reorganizing Workplace Improving Quality Cutting Costs Improving Process Flow Developing Technology
1: Cleaning and Organising 7: Zero Monitor Manufacturing / Production 13: Eliminating Waste 5: Quick Changeover Technology 18: Using Information Technology
2: Rationalising the System / Goal Alignment 9: Maintaining Machines and Equipment 14: Empowering Employees to Make Improvements 4: Reducing Work-in-Process 20: Leading Technology / Site Technology
3: Small Group Activities 11: Quality Assurance 6: Kaizen of Operations 16: Production Scheduling
10: Workplace Discipline 12: Developing your Suppliers 17: Efficiency Control 8: Coupled Manufacturing
15: Skill Versatility and Cross-Training 19: Conserving Energy and Materials