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Product Development

Every company needs quality products with high added value. However, a product development engineer competent in metal processing technologies or a product development team is not always available. The engineers of Metaform can provide examples of several success stories in the field of sheet metal products. We help bring ideas to life, developing new products throughout their whole development cycle – from planning and design to prototype and serial production. We provide solutions for cutting the production costs of existing products, either by reducing material consumption or by making production processes more efficient. Try us!

sheet metal products assembly


We believe in constant improvement. Over the years, our assemblers have gained experience in producing complex sub-assemblies and in the mechanical or electromechanical assembling of high precision end products. Customers from such demanding industries as railway or telecommunications have come to rely on our experience and technology. In order to provide the best production and assembly services, we apply the “20 keys” management practices, with appropriate quality control and testing. By using our assembly services, your company can decrease project complexity and costs related to labour and supply management. Why not utilise our skills and efficiency!

sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

You don’t always have to do everything yourself. Favor has been investing into improving its equipment for 25 years, as well as developing and training staff. We consider ourselves experts in sheet metal processing, and we have every right to. Using our versatile laser cutting, roll-forming and bending tools, we are able to produce sheet metal products of varying complexity according to drawings provided by the customer.


Good welding quality is the pride of every excellent company – it is also the pride of Metaform. It often doesn’t pay to keep top-level welders on the payroll, as contracting the service from others makes more sense. Metaform’s skills include manual as well as robot welding, and we can guarantee production speed and precision for even a large series, by combining robots and human inventiveness.

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Powder Coating

We know that high quality coating needs thorough pre-treatment of the materials and an even layer of powder. Metaform’s metal pre-treatment system, our flexible coating line and state-of-the-art coating process monitoring system will guarantee excellent surface quality. Our line can handle extra long details with a length of up to 7 metres. The excellent finishing quality of the delivered products is guaranteed by meticulous packaging. If timely delivery and the faultless finishing of products are what you need, contact us!

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Supply Chain Management

Metaform’s capabilities are not limited to in-house processes. 25 years of experience with various customers have taught us that sometimes one’s own capabilities are not enough to find a suitable solution. That’s why we have extended our partners’ network and acquired the skills needed for managing them. This experience lets us offer much more than any regular sheet metal assembly company. Our processes use turning, various chemical processing, etc. on a daily basis. We are also in a process of continuous development – every new customer helps us to improve and extend our offered services.


Providing the best service quality and precision of delivery for our customers is elementary. We also believe that the constant improvement of processes is needed for a long-term successful relationship. By choosing Favor Metaform as your contract manufacturing partner in sheet metal production, you will be able to benefit from the best solutions for developing your products and competitiveness.


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