The Profiline product range has been expanded by the AMP acoustic omega profiles, which can be used to efficiently improve the soundproofing of wall and ceiling structures.

Tests have shown that the soundproofing of structures is improved when the mass of flexibly separated sealed plasterboard layers is increased. AMP profiles offer a flexible yet sturdy solution for attaching plasterboard.

Acoustic omega profiles are well suited for supporting structures in new building developments built from concrete, concrete block, wood and laminated wood. The single-edge flexible coupling characteristic of this profile helps reduce the number of cracks that might form in the plasterboard joints due to the warping of the supporting structures.

Soundproofing can also be improved on existing ceilings, partitions and exterior walls.

The acoustic omega profiles are available in two sizes. The standard length is 3 metres. However, 6-metre-long profiles can be produced on special order.

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