Favor – a comprehensive sheet metalworking company

Favor is an Estonian metalworking company established 1990. Today Favor is the largest enterprise in the region specialised on thin sheet metalworking.

Favor Metaform

Metaform offers its customers a versatile value chain of services from product planning and sheet metal processing to serial production assembly and finishing.

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Favor Cutcenter

Favor CutCenter is the biggest steel service center in Estonia focused on processing of flat steel. We supply sheets, strips and coils.

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Favor Profiline

Profiline division manufactures and markets aluminium ceiling panels and steel profiles that offer builders a complete solution for lightweight framing systems for drywalls and ceilings.

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Loovälja tee 11, Liivamäe küla, 74207 Jõelähtme vald, Estonia info@favor.ee +372 63 49 200 +372 63 49 201

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